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Great Novelties Of iOS 11
Posted by Administrator on 16 July 2017 08:04 pm

As planned, iOS 11 has been announced as a new version of the software for iPhone and iPad within the framework of the WWDC 2017. After countless speculations and leaks, which go through details such as the appearance in the App Store of the first iOS file Explorer, today is official update with iOS 11, as well as all the innovations that will be implemented after deployment as OTA for IDisposiivos compatible.

One of the standard ways in which Apple is the undisputed protagonist of the current sector has arrived. The reason is none other than the WWDC 2017 where the firm is accustomed to revealing all its novelties in the section of the software. In addition to the news related to TVOS and watches, one of the most outstanding parts corresponds to the next great update of the platform that gives life to iPhone and iPad.

Every day that passes is a day less in that endless list in which we see how the presentation of the upcoming iPhone. For months now rumors, leaks, and speculation have been focused on this terminal that has given so much to speak, even without being present.

Already by many leaks, we can imagine what will be the beautiful part of the terminal. But it is today when finally, we get the first rumors of what will be the update of iOS to accompany this iPhone 8.

In the absence of a few months for the Apple Developer meeting each year, it seems that Tim Cook is fulfilling his promise to try to filter as little as possible from what will be his next terminal.

We refer to iOS 11 and, as expected, the developer conference imparted by those of Cupertino has finally served to announce the new version, as well as to detail its novelties, features, as well as update plan and beta program.

Anyway and even with this, today we have known thanks to an American medium two of the possible novelties that will bring the 11. The first is one that is already rumored a couple of weeks ago, where Apple would allow the exchange of money between people thanks to its application of wallet.

In this way, it would give greater importance to the application of payments of Apple, having this even a module for imessage with which to be able to send cash.

The other big rumor of this leak on iOS 11, is that Apple could bet everything on the calls of FaceTime. Thus, such calls would become the defaults among Apple users.